KLF is gonna rock you

The KLF was a British pop group active between 1987 and 1992.

In 1993 I wrote an essay on The KLF and the use of myths in pop music that during my academic studies in Popular Culture. It's written in Swedish and there is a brief summary in English as well.

In 1997, The KLF did one reunion concert at The Barbican Centre in London. I wrote a rewiev in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Friday, September 19th (Swedish language only). I took some photos of the concert as well.

Some links to pages about the band:

  • Wikipedia page
  • FAQ (answers to "frequently asked questions", i.e. an extensive fact file). Originally written by Stuart Young and updated by Nick Gilmour. It is published in raw text format.
  • A discography (i.e. a list of all known KLF records) by Lazlo Nibble. It is searchable and "interactive".
  • Almost the same discography. Not searchable, but with pictures of the record sleeves. Maintained by John Olsson.
  • An FTP Archive with images, record covers, transcribed lyrics and more.
  • The KLF Mainpage by John Olsson.